Here you can find documents recounting the Johnson County Green Party's history.

deer in field
Friends of Hickory Hill, 2002 Calendar
Photo: Barb Officer

The Iowa Green Party, founded in 1998, has grown eightfold since its inception and has 2500 members in virtually every county. The Johnson County Green Party, founded in 1996, now includes more than 540 members.


Speeches by Members and Records of Past Meetings

Johnson County Green Party Literature


Speeches by Members

Karen Kubby (Director of the Emma Goldman Clinic; former Iowa City Councillor)

Address to People for Justice in Palestine Meeting, September 12th, 2002: "One Year Later: Continued Reflections from 9-11-2001" (on civil liberties)



Jill Stein for President

We hope to see you at one of our meetings, and above all, we hope that you will VOTE GREEN in future elections.


For a retrospective of the Johnson County Green Party 1996-2006, see history.

In the November 2002 election, our statewide candidates received 1.4% (governor), 4% (Secretary of Agriculture), 2% (Secretary of State) and 1% (Senate).

In Johnson County the candidate for Board of Supervisors, Joannes Pool, received 18% of the vote.

Green Activism

Green Protest Against Exclusion from Gubernatorial Debates
Coe College, Cedar Rapids - September 16th, 2002
left to right: Jay Robinson, Megan Woodward, Tammy Simon and Emily Carson holding sign, Tim Harthan

Green Benefit for Joannes Pool and Jay Robinson
The Green Room, Iowa City, September 25th, 2002

Peace Rally Against War with Iraq
Pentacrest, Iowa City - October 9th, 2002
Karen Kubby speaking, Matt Blizek holding megaphone, Greg Thomson holding camera in foreground

Campaign meeting
September 2002
left to right: Joannes Pool, David Reed, Jim Walters, Tim Harthan

Holly Hart, standing;
left to right, Bill Boos, Matt Blizek, Tim Harthan

Candidate for Board of Supervisors Joannes Pool
speaking at Federation of Labor Picnic September 2nd, 2002

Charles Myers and Ryan Dowler
tabling on Pedestrian Mall, Iowa City, October 2002

Campaign Sign
Dodge Street October 2002

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